8th National Hillman Rally - Tasmania

Batman Bridge, Tamar River

Ketch at Beauty Point wharf


Andrew & Margaret Smith’s Pre war Minx with Matt Lambert’s Hunter

View of the Sidling

Another view of the Sidling

Hank ten Teije’s Hillman Wizard (for sale!)

Bill & Irene Atkin’s ’39 Minx shivers in the cold beside Andrew McDougall's '48 Drophead.

Neil Yeomans ’ Husky

The Ford Families’ Hillmans

A sample of Series vehicles

8th National Hillman Rally Badge

Ken Watts’ Minx

The Smith’s Imp  (unrestored!)

Kevan & Andrea Banfield’s Superminx

Hank ten Teije’s 1933 Wizard

Dave Watson's "trook" and banner


Barry & Joyce Hall's 1966 Gazelle

Peter & Pauline Ford’s 1913 Hillman

Andrew McDougall in (Andrew Smith's) 1948 Drophead

Rob & Michele Dix's 1936 Minx


Trevor Rowney’s travelling companion

Bill & Irene Atkins' '39 Minx convertible at the

Axeman's Hall of Fame


Malcolm and Elaine Mathewson's 1950 Commer Ute

Judging the Superminxes

That rare Ute again!

The Stafford Brothers’ Hillmans – Series VI and Gazelle

Huskies & Gaylook Minx on show

The Tasmanian Rally had a fantastic array of pre-war vehicles

The cars on display at the Launceston Motor Museum

Our great Rally banner


The Banfield and Yeomans Huskies

The Fords line up.


Michael Fords 1932 and Pam Arthur (Ford) 1935 Sedan

The youngest Hillman at the rally